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What are the different status levels for the Accor Plus programme ?

As an Accor Plus member, you will automatically qualify for Silver membership status in hotels participating in the Le Club AccorHotels loyalty programme.

The activity on your Accor Plus account over a 12 month (365 days) period determines your status.

When you renew in the Accor Plus programme, you will obtain the status level that corresponds to your activity calculated over the previous 12 month period (conversion rate below). Provided that you are a member with Accor Plus, your membership status will never be downgraded to Classic level.

The rules for obtaining Le Club AccorHotels programme benefits are based on your Le Club AccorHotels status at the time of the stay (check-in date). The Le Club AccorHotels programme benefits are only granted to you if the stay is eligible and qualifies for earning Le Club AccorHotels Points.

Status Number of nights per year at a participating AccorHotel Number of points accumulated
Silver Automatically qualify when you join the Accor Plus programme No minimum required
Gold 30 nights 7,000 points
Platinum 60 nights 14,000 points

If you do not renew your membership when it expires, your membership to the Accor Plus programme will be terminated and you will no longer be able to enjoy its benefits. However, you will remain a member of the Le Club AccorHotels programme.

We will review your activity for the previous calendar year and for the current year. The period most advantageous for you will be used to determine your new status. Your status will remain the same if the most advantageous period is sufficient to allow it. Otherwise, you will receive the next lowest status, regardless of your activity.

You will keep your Status and Nights until they expire.

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