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How many Status and Rewards points will I earn at independent partner hotels involved in the loyalty programme?

N.B.: Since 10/01/2018, AccorHotels no longer commercialises independent partner hotels via its websites and app. Stays at these independent hotels are consequently no longer eligible to take advantage of the loyalty programme benefits. All bookings made via AccorHotels.com prior to this date nonetheless remain confirmed at these hotels and remain eligible to earn both Status points and Rewards points. If you wish to amend or cancel one of these bookings, please contact the hotel in question directly. The hotel will process your request according to the Terms & Conditions of Sale for the rate at which the stay was booked.

Status points and Rewards points will nonetheless be earned on all bookings made prior to the termination of our commercialisation agreement with these independent partner hotels.

Points are earned on the value of your booking, excluding tax-value. The number of points awarded is calculated according to the same set points scale for all status levels:

  • for every €10 spent, excluding VAT, you earn 1.25 Status points and 1.25 Rewards points

The points are credited to your account within 6 weeks of checking-out.

Please note that when staying in an Independent partner hotel, you will not be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Status-related benefits (welcome drink, room upgrades, Places by Le Club AccorHotels ...),
  • Using your points to pay for your stay, either when booking or whilst staying at the hotel,
  • Earning points on your additional expenditure (drinks, restaurant bills, services...) or on any additional nights,
  • Earning points from "Bonus" offers or the Meeting Planner offer.

For further details, click here.

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